I am an assistant professor at Arts et Métiers, Cluny campus, and with Institut Image, a research team in virtual reality located in Chalon-sur-Saône (Burgundy, France) and part of the LISPEN lab (EA 7515).
I am also the coordinator of the M.Sc. course program "Management of 3D Interactive Technologies - Digital Mock-up and 3D Visualization" of Arts et Métiers / Institut Image.

My research work addresses virtual reality, especially multi-modal, natural and intuitive interaction (navigation/manipulation) in a virtual environment, tele-collaboration.

IEEE member, AFRV member, GdR Robotique member, GdR IG-RV member


jean-remy(dot)chardonnet (at) ensam(dot)eu
Institut Image, Arts et Métiers - Chalon-sur-Saône, France



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My research interest include, but is not limited to, virtual reality, especially multi-modal interaction (navigation/manipulation) in a 3D virtual environment, tele-collaboration (using mixed reality facilities). I am focusing on allowing more natural and more intuitive interaction in a 3D virtual environment, considering user-centered issues (simulator sickness, multi-sensory feedback, etc.).

I am involved in several research projects, in collaboration with numerous academics and companies.

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2nd year of Arts et Métiers engineer course program

M.Sc. "Digital Mock-up and 3D Visualization" course program

  • Coordinator of the M.Sc. course program
  • Interactive systems - robotics, collaboration, ambient intelligence
  • Reverse engineering - 3D acquisition
  • Haptics
  • Supervision of technical projects (2 days per week during 2 months)
  • Supervision of the Chal'enge project (challenge where the students are asked to develop an application prototype for a company within 2 full weeks)

M.Sc. "Knowledge Integration in Mechanical Production" course program (Arts et Métiers, Paris campus)

  • Interactive systems - robotics, collaboration, ambient intelligence