HandNavigator (2009-2012)

The goal of this project, granted by GRAVIT (Grenoble Alpes Valorisation Innovation Technologies), was to develop a hands-on interaction peripheral, allowing the control of a virtual hand using 10 or more degrees of freedom, in a virtual environment. Indeed, manual tasks achievement in virtual environments still remains a challenge in the virtual reality community. This project was done in the EVASION team, at INRIA Rhône-Alpes, Grenoble, France.

There was already in the EVASION team a prototype called HandNavigator, developed and patented by Paul G. Kry. This version was composed of metallic petals mounted on a 3D mouse, and allowing to achieve tasks in an interruptible way and without any initial calibration. It had however important drawbacks in terms of ergonomics and comfort for the user. Indeed, the user had to put his wrist in very uncomfortable postures, thus he could not easily achieve desired tasks. Therefore the goal was to improve and to propose new versions allowing a better device manipulation and better manipulation dexterity.

The different new versions of the HandNavigator. Different sensors' technologies were integrated for a intuitive use without any fatigue and without any generating undesired motions. Different shapes were also studied to offer better comfort for the user's hand on the device and better dexterity.


Characteristics of the HandNavigator


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The prototypes were presented at the 2009 GIF fair (Grenoble Innovation Fair) and at Laval Virtual 2010.

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